Thursday, September 09, 2004


The August TechFest in Telluride Colorado was a lot of fun. They set up a 2million volt Tesla coil in the middle of mainstreet at night and made lots of lightning. I was one of the featured speakers and brought Sylvie with me. She was a huge hit. We did a second presentation to the children of the town...very bright children I might add. Afterwards I had an flock of kids following me everywhere I went. Then I did a book signing at the local bookstore. It was a sell out...with many of the kids dragging their parents in and insisting on getting an autographed copy of Virtual Humans. I've been on Adkins and was very happy to go off it for a few days. I must say Telluride is an awesomely beautiful place with very sophicated resturants. If you ever go there, stay at the New Sheridan Hotel. The rooms are reminiscent of the old days and very comfortable. It also has the best included breakfast in the county.