Monday, April 10, 2006

It's been four months and I've been busy writing articles for StudioDaily. I currently reviewing a ton of dvd training courses in film, audio and film effects including 3D animation. Many of them have a narcotic impact on one's brain. Some are excellent. I'm also preparing for my presentation at this year's FMX in Stuttgart Germany. This one will be a look at the global job situation in animation and visual FX. Of interest to Virtual Human's fans is the panel presentation on virtual humans in entertainment. My old friend and coiner of the term "synthespian" Jeff Kleiser will be a speaker along with such notables as David Sproxton of Aardman films (Wallace and Gromit) and Doug Cooper from Dreamworks. Doug is brilliant and likable and fully of intersting info. If you get a chance, you'll have a ball at FMX from May 2 to 5, 2006. Here's the link:

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Terry Cotant said...

Peter, been trying to find out how to reach you. In your link below to your "ordinary magic" site, it's asking for a UID / PWD. Please reply back as we should get in contact soon. Hope all is going well.